Saturday, January 16, 2016

THE DIG (1995)

LucasArts Entertainment Company, LLC

A group of scientists discovers an asteroid that is on its way to a collision with the Earth. Is there any way to prevent the disaster? Boston Low, a NASA veteran, is sent to command a space expedition on the asteroid. Accompanied by the journalist Maggie Robbins and the archaeologist Brink, Boston investigates the asteroid and finds a strange structure that undoubtedly belongs to an alien civilization. During the course of investigations, the team finds itself on a seemingly deserted planet. They have no knowledge of the planet and no possibility of going back. Will they ever discover the secret of this strange world and find a way to get home?

William V. Tiller, William L. Eaken,  Adam Schnitzer, Kevin Boyle, Sean Turner,  
Charlie Ramos, Graham Annable, David DeVan, Chris Miles, Geri Bertolo, Chris Green, Gordon Baker, Ralph M. Gerth IV, Marc Benoit, Daniel Colon Jr., Ron K. Lussier


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