Monday, January 18, 2016


Sierra On-line

Shadows of Darkness is the fourth Quest for Glory game. It is a journey into the land of Mordavia - a setting influenced by Eastern Europe, particularly its Slavic areal. The hero had just begun to enjoy his victory in Tarna, when a spell zapped him into parts unknown, without a weapon, items, or even a source of light. Shortly after finding his way out of the dark cave, the hero meets a mysterious woman named Katrina. He traverses the swamps in the dark forest and finally reaches the town. However, the town is also engulfed by a foreboding atmosphere, and the hero cannot allow himself to relax. He must find out what is going on, why the town inhabitants are so hesitant and reluctant to help him, and what horrors are lurking outside of its walls. Life has never been quite so dangerous for our hero. He'll discover his quest soon enough - that is, if he lives.

Joan Delehanty, Joan Delehanty, Bob Gleason, Marc Hudgins, Tim Loucks, 
Tony Margioni, Frances Anne Powell, Daryle Smith, Barry T. Smith

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  1. Thanks for sharing these Patrick. One of my mostly fondly remembered games of my childhood.